A passionate and knowledgable publisher with more than a decade’s experience in illustrated publishing – covering art and culture books, children’s publications, and illustrated non-fiction more broadly –
I offer consultancy services to publishers, museums, universities,
libraries, commercial galleries and other organisations to help optimise
their publishing.

Since 2008, I have worked for some of the best museum and independent publishers in the UK. At Thames & Hudson I commissioned books across the art list, from surveys to exhibition catalogues and the hugely successful World of Art series, and developed a number of new strands, including a series of contemporary artists’ monographs and books for students and professionals.

With wide interests across non-fiction publishing, I developed projects beyond the visual arts, commissioning on the history of film, contemporary fashion, photography and the decorative arts. The books I produced ranged from unillustrated reference and reading books to ebooks and the most complicated illustrated publications involving the challenges of integrated design, complex picture rights clearances and the highest of production standards.



At Tate Publishing, I oversaw a range of exhibition catalogues and children’s books, working with colleagues across the museum, from curators and educators to retail staff and the merchandise team, and initiating an active trade list, helping to ensure that commercially viable, popular trade books were brought into the programme to create more consistent revenue streams. And most recently, as Director of independent publisher HENI, I was closely involved in every aspect of the business, from commissioning, negotiating, contracting and editorial to design, production, distribution, marketing and PR, talks and events – successfully winning contracts for publishing partnerships, restructuring the team, and refining the business from its workflow systems through to its distribution and social media.

Using all of this knowledge and my great passion for publishing, I offer a range of consultancy services including strategic reviews and business plans; market, competitor and trend analyses; advice on partnerships, sales and distribution; organisational structure and workflow; commissioning
and content; diversity, inclusion and audience development; design and production; leadership, coaching sessions and mentoring.

If you or your organisation would like some support or advice, I’d love to
hear from you: jackyklein@gmail.com